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I knew the answer to every single question immediately.

–Max, Apocalyptic

"Welcome to Cambridge" is the first episode of Apocalyptic in sequence.


A young boy and his friends start their journey into high school, but it doesn't go quite as expected.


(in order of appearance)


John, Molly, and Max have their first day at high school, which starts off with a math lesson with their new math teacher Mrs Jones, (formerly Mrs Smith, but changed due to this name being too cliched). After their pre-assessment, John, Molly, and Max walk through the halls talking about their pre-assessment and how nobody knew the answers. They find a mysterious red button, which everyone thinks they should press. When John presses the button, it 'glitches' and releases Eggward and a horde of zombies. The episode then ends on a cliffhanger and the credits role.


  • John, Max, and Molly walking to high school together.
  • A mysterious, unknown, flat object falls from the sky, 'glitching'.
  • John sitting at his desk.
  • John and Max break the fourth wall.
  • The button after John pressing it.
  • John looking away from the explosion.
  • Eggward's first appearance.
  • Max thinking about burgers.
  • The zombie hoard.

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