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The Escape is the third episode of Apocalyptic, in sequence.

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As tension rises, John, Max, and Molly decide to escape from their school, which has turned into Eggward's lair. They attempt to leave their captivity and get rid of Eggward, only to discover the terror that has become of their beloved town.

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The three children all agree on the attacked school being boring, and Max commented that they should be making a plan to defeat Eggward. Molly then asks for a sheet of paper, on which she sketches out the school. The plan is to get an obliberator, then go into the principles office, then obliberate Eggward, then run away. After an argument, Molly kicks a Greltip, takes his gun and obliterates another. The three children all run into the office, shoot Eggward, then run away, as the school collapses behind them. However, the trio all notice the forest are derooted, which is a bad sign. Eggward, still alive, reveals the object they shot, which was a potato sack.

Errors Edit

  • When Molly was making the plan, she was writing, but then when she showed it, it was a drawing.
  • This episode takes place in the school, however John, in the last episode, noted that the place 'is not

Cambridge'. This might, however, be to describe how unfamiliar the place looked.

  • Eggward still has the potato sack, even though it was destroyed by an obliterator.

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