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Season 1Edit

Molly lives with her mother, but it is unknown whether she has any other family members. She is best friends with John and Max, and some other friends we haven't seen yet. She goes to Cambridge High School with her friends. During recess, she talks one of her friends, Melissa, about the pre-assessment. After recess, she walks with John and Max to their next class, but not before they witness a zombie apocalypse. The three awake in the ruins in which they discover Eggward, the culprit. Then, she sees the wastleand beyond the building. Despite this, she draws a plan to obliterate Eggward using an obliteration pistol wielded by Greltips. Unfortunately, Eggward's cunning plan to replace himself with a sack defeats her but she can get out of the school anyways. They go to John's uncle's house where they decide to investigate the ruins. Molly looks at the remains of the school, pondering why they pressed a button. The three come back to share their findings untill they hear a knock. John was about to open it when Molly told him to stop as it could by Eggward. Nethertheless, she was outvoted by Max and opened the door. The trio were horrified to find Eggward and got kindnapped to his Secret lair, where John apologises Molly. Then, Eggward unties them after the trio complain that being tied up in chairs is boring. Molly suggests to escape, but all the doors are fake and everything is obliterator proof... except for them. The trio run away but John trips and is about to get obliterated. Molly proves her true friendship by standing in the way of the obliteration device and receives the hit herself. Not much is known to what happened to Molly afterwards.


Molly's motherEdit

Angry Molly

Molly insists to her mother that she can walk herself to school.

Evidentally, the relationship between Molly and her mother is overall pretty negative. Though her mother really loves her, Molly is constantly annoyed by her pet names. When her mother suggests walking her to school, she rejects and says she is fourteen and that she can walk herself.

John and MaxEdit

John and Max are Molly's best friends. Not a lot is known about their relationship, apart from the fact that they are not Molly's only friends. This fact really shines when she sacrifices herself for John in Eggward's Lair


Melissa is one of Molly's friends. Not a lot is known about their relationship, especially since Melissa is never seen, but only mentioned once by Molly.