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Memories is the fourth episode of Apocalyptic, in sequence following The Escape.

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Free from Eggward's lair, John, Max, and Molly explore their destroyed town, and remember their lives before.

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The trio arrive at Max's Uncle's house, in which they find nothing. Tired of finding nothing (and debating that Eggward is not dead), they decide to explore. John finds his former home (now rubble), along with a Lais packet that reminds him of his little brother. Max finds a field, which reminds him of John's Fifth Birthday and the trio building a snowman. Molly enters the ruins of the school, and accepts that everything is gone somehow, regretting pushing the button.

The trio meet back at the house, in which they discuss their findings. The screen suddenly blackens and a knocking sound is heard as the Credits start to roll.

Errors Edit

  • The Lais packet is still somehow intact amongst all the rubble of wood, stone and concrete, despite the latter materials being stronger than a crisp packet. However, it is possible that the house naturally collapsed via either natural or man/Eggward/greltip-made reasons.
  • The rubble also has far less material in it than expected of an average American house. However, it is possible that John's house was tiny.
  • Max's Uncle's house is still intact while others and even forests (Previous episode) are not.

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