You don't have enough smarts to get straight D's!



Max lives with his father, but it is unknown whether or not he has any other family members. He is best friends with John and Molly, and the three of them go to Cambridge High School together. Before his first day, Max anticipates getting straight A's in every subject, but Molly says otherwise. He is shown to be somewhat unintelligent, as during his pre-assessment test he answered "don't know" to every question (however, it is worth noting that nobody else knew the answers either). While getting to his next class, he, John and Molly encounter a strange button, releasing a zombie apocalypse, though he is more concerned about food than the zombies.
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Max thinking about burgers

He then awakes tied to the roof before being freed by John, where they find themselves in the school where they meet Eggward, the antagonist. The wall is blasted open to reveal the deadly wastelands that lay beyond. Luckily, the trio is saved by Molly wich devises a cunning plan to obliterate Eggward and escape. However, the plan partially fails as Eggward replaces himself with a potato sack. The three kids meet at John's Uncle's House where they decide to explore the wastes. Max finds the field where he went to John's 5th birthday party and built a snowman. Then, he goes back to the house to discuss his findings untill they hear a knock. John wants to pen it while Molly wants to keep it closed. Eventually, Max sides with John, who opens the door to Eggward. They are then kidnapped and brought to his evil lair where they get tied up in chair, but get untied after complaining that it is too cliche. Molly suggests an escape, but verything, including Eggward, is obliterator-proof. Eggward then comments that THEY are not obliteator-proof and attempts to obliterate them. John trips over but get saved by Molly's sacrifice.


Max's fatherEdit

Max and his father have a seemingly healthy relationship in contrast to Molly and her mother. Not a lot else is known about their relationship.

John and MollyEdit

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John, Molly and Max, side by side.

John and Molly are Max's best friends. Not a not else is known about their relationship.