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Loss is the fifth episode of Apocalyptic, following the events of Memories. It is the finale of Season 1.

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Sypnosis Edit

After exploring the destroyed world, Eggward captures the three again. They have plans to escape, but can they pull it off before it's too late?

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Plot Edit

The episode picks up directly where the last one ended. Molly suggests to open the door knock but John is against it thinking it was Eggward. After a think, Max sides with Molly who opens the door to reveal Eggward. Each of the characters get tied up in Eggward's lair but after commenting that being tied up is too cliche, Eggward unties them to think of something more creative. In order to escape, the trio decide to exit through a door - which behind there is just a wall. Then they try to obliterate the wall, which fails upon Eggward commenting that EVERYTHING in his lair is obliterator-proof. Then they try to obliterate Eggward, being met with the same statement. However, he does specify one non-obliterator-proof object - them. The trio run away but John trips over. Eggward attemps to obliterate him but Molly sacrifices herself by standing in the way of the shot.

Errors Edit

  • Eggward is not seen untying the charactrs - the ropes just sort of dissapear. However, it is possible that he has some magical powers.

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