I think the actual reason that we have school is so that they can laugh at us because no one understands anything.



Season 1Edit

John house interior exit

John leaving his house, saying goodbye to his brother, Chad.

John lives with his little brother, Chad, and presumably his parents who have not appeared yet. He is best friends with Molly and Max. He currently goes to Cambridge High School with his friends, with Mrs Jones as his teacher. It was a normal day with his friends until he found a strange button, that when he pressed it, it started glitching and exploded. An egg shaped creature appeared and escaped through the crater of the explosion, and a horde of zombies appeared. The trio then appeared in the ruins of the school, where they meet the egg creature - Eggward who quickly becomes the antagonist. John is horrified to see the wastes outside the school. Luckily, Molly devises a plan to get out, which fails in part due to Eggward replacing himself with a potato sack but they get out of the crumbling school anyways. The children meet at John's uncle's house, where they decide to explore the wastes. John finds his house in rubble along with a Lais packet that Chad used to sit in. He comes back to the house to discuss his finding when a mysterious knocking noise occurs. John is about to open the door when Molly warns him not to as it could be Eggward. Max votes in favour nethertheless and John opens the door to... Eggward. They get kidnapped and brought into his secret lair where they tied to chairs. However, John thinks that the idea is boring and tells Eggward that he had 1 year 4 months and 17 days to think something moe creative. Molly then tries to get the trio to escape but all fails as everything was obliterator-proof. Then, Eggward specifies that they are not obliterator proof and turns evil. Quickly running away, John trips over and is about to get obliterated by Eggward but is saved by Molly.



Screenshot 2016-06-25 12.56.49

John, Molly and Max, side by side.

John and Molly are best high school friends. Not a lot else is known about their relationship. However, Molly sacrificed herself for John in Loss


John and Max are best friends, though John may tend to get annoyed with him sometimes.


Chad is John's presumed baby brother. Not a lot else in known about their relationship, especially since Chad can only be seen playing in a bag of chips.