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"Eggward's Ruling" is the second episode of Apocalyptic in sequence.


When John and his friends wake up in an unknown place, they discover the truth of what's happening, and why the school was attacked.

...and make lots of egg puns.


(In Order of Appearance)

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John wakes up to find himself in what seems to be not Cambridge. He then finds Molly, with whom he discovers Max, who is chained to the roof. They get Max down by punching the wall, but only then notice Eggward, who is hiding in the dark. Eggward explains that he and his Greltips started the apocalypse, since the world was boring. Max then insists on Eggward showing himself, where he reveals himself as an egg. The trio laughs at him, but stops as soon as Eggward uses an obliterator to destroy the wall. The episode ends with Eggward and one of his greltips talking, Eggward reffering to the children not being a threat, but he can always go to deadly measures.

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