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I will take you for ice-cream or something. But, y'know, the ice-cream shops are all demolished by now.



Eggward is the main antagonist of the series, and has control over the Greltips. He was released accidentally by John, how he got in there is unknown. He speaks in a somewhat strange accent, and he tends to make egg puns sometimes. Eggward does not see John, Max or Molly as a threat, but keeps an eye on them in case they somehow thwart his 'plan', whatever that may be, referencing Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls. He appears determined to make his plan work. One could say that his effort is eggceptional. Then, he fooled the trio with a potato sack into thinking that they obliterated him, giving him time to put up security cameras all over the place. After doing so, he arrives at John, Max and Molly's house and kidnaps them to his evil lair in which he attempts to obliterate John who is saved by Molly's Sacrifice.